With gravestones and monuments we can honor the deceased and nurture our memory of him.


With gravestones and monuments we can honor the deceased and nurture our memory of him. The service of making a stone gravestone in our company is realized from visualization to assembly. IronCAD 3d is able to present not only the overall body, but also the phase, edge, structure (choose the type and color of the stone), and complete documentation of the dimensions.


We realize standarde, classic designs as well as most unusual designs. We emphasize the individuality of the monuments thanks to various materials – gravestones made of rocks, sandstones, marble combined with steel elements, or by means of sculptures and bas-reliefs motifs of Christ, Mary, angels or handmade decorations of cereals, flowers and other elements of fauna and flora.


We also cooperate with well-known manufacturers of gravestone and accessories such as Caggiatti, Strassacker, Art-Odlew, Rodlew, Lasef, Vezzani and others. Ornaments and inscriptions can be made of bronze and other metals or by sandblasting or hand-forging on the gravestone. These letters can be painted with any color or decorated with 24 karat gold. To emphasize the uniqueness of the gravestone, we also decorate it with Swarovski stones or other precious stones, which have the appropriate certificates.


We are installing gravestones in our country and abroad. In the case of cemeteries in Germany we have all the necessary qualifications and documents to be able to provide you with services in accordance with applicable legal standards. Our German language staff will be happy to assist you in completing all the paperwork and formalities associated with the gravestone assembly.

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